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Independent News & Media is home Ireland’s leading print and online publications including Irish Independent, Sunday Independent,, The Herald, The Sunday World and The Belfast Telegraph.

In a world flooded with information, a simple question cuts to the heart of every story: what does it mean to our readers? To tell Ireland’s story each and every day, our journalists relentlessly pursue the news that matters. In the search for the facts, we ask a lot of questions. What happened? Who is affected? Why is it important? How, exactly, does it affect our readers? And what does it really mean to them?

It’s this relentless approach to quality journalism that delivers 1.9 million readers each week across print and online (TGI ROI 2019)

By advertising with us, your brand will be seen alongside trusted content on progressive print and digital channels, all made possible by our expert team of journalists, marketers, designers, and researchers. We’ll collaborate with you every step of the way, working together to create advertising solutions that engage with loyal audiences across digital and print, every minute of every day.

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