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Case Study: Native for Whelehan Crop Protection

by Maria Flood in Advertising, Case Study

Advertising, Case Study


Whelehan Crop Protection wanted to promote the use of their herbicide PastorTrio to Farmers. The objective was to target a niche audience, generate awareness of the product’s benefits and stimulate sales.

What was our approach?

A mix of digital advertising was activated to promote PastorTrio on Farming Independent digital platform. A long form native article and high impact display adverts were used, the native article appeared for seven days and digital display advertising was scheduled over one month. The native article communicated the benefits of using the product, it referenced technical trials and used visual images in a well designed article professionally written in consultation with Green Acre Marketing. Digital display adverts were run to promote PastorTrio and keep the product top of mind with the targeted audience at the right time.

Media used 

Farming Independent digital platform was used to target the audience, the article was given social amplification on the Farming Independent Facebook and Twitter channels to further extending the reach of the native article to the Farming audience. You can read the article here


This was the first time Whelehan Crop Protection used Farming Independent digital platform to promote their products, careful consideration was given to planning and  executing the campaign at the right time to the right audience in order to achieve the objective. The article received 4,231 page views with a dwell time of 4 minutes and 34 seconds and a reach of 177,301 and 458 clicks on Farming Independent Facebook page.

Chris Maughan Technical Manager at Whelehan Crop Protection said “Sales of PastorTrio in April and May were excellent, this was the first time we used Farming Independent Digital and it played an important role in our media campaign to promote our product and increase sales”


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