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Guerilla Marketing with a Pink Ladyball

Could the #Ladyball campaign be the best guerilla marketing campaign of 2016?

by Sasha Kinch in Advertising, Social Media

Advertising, Social Media

Last week, a pink lightweight ball caused a significant stir on social media. Ladyball was supposedly a perfectly designed football for the fashion conscious woman. Watch the YouTube video here:

The website was promoted across with a homepage takeover and a carefully targeted ad campaign.

Here is the eye-catching Ladyball homepage takeover:

The campaign provoked a strong reaction under the hashtag #Ladyball.

Even sports journalist, Ger Keville was pondering the reasoning behind the campaign (and he was right!).

Mediaworks, the agency behind the brilliant guerrilla marketing released a statement on Saturday in response to the campaign’s success. It turned out that this was indeed a very clever marketing stunt promoting Lidl’s partnership with The Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA).

The key concept behind the Ladyball campaign was to “put the spotlight on women in sport in Ireland and raise awareness of the difficulties female sports persons have in getting the same recognition as their male counterparts”.

Speaking about the campaign, LGFA president Marie Hickey said: “We hope to see everyone who spoke so passionately in women’s defence in this debate, channel that same energy into pitch side support during the coming season.”

Mediaworks released this ad on YouTube:

To further promote second part of the Ladyball campaign and the announcement of Lidl’s partnership with the LGFA, they ran this homepage takeover on Saturday:

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