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Goodness Grains discover the recipe for success

by Maria Flood in Case Study

Case Study

Figuring out how to grow your company can often be challenging but an advertising campaign gave this Irish SME a taste of success.

Goodness Grains launched their gluten-free baked goods business in Longford in 2013. The company bakes gluten-free bread, cakes and pastries which are now sold all around Ireland.

Last year, Goodness Grains won a competition run by Bank of Ireland which we proudly supported as a partner. The competition was run part of their Enterprise Week with Goodness Grains winning the prize of €100,000 worth of INM print and digital advertising to help grow their business.

The Campaign

The campaign ran across our print, native and products. Our StoryPlus team seamlessly managed the campaign through from brief to creative execution.


James Butterly, INM design extraordinaire said; “How we approached Goodness Grains is the same way we approach all of the brands we work with.  We wanted to create a high impact campaign that reached their target audience using a combination of superb imagery and a message that encompassed what the brand stands for in terms of their values and the excellence of their products. Each image is curated and selected carefully to ensure the most powerful message is delivered.“


To launch their app, we created a native article to promote the app which was published on Geraldine felt this was the most successful part of the advertising campaign, saying:

“We saw the physical evidence of the success of that part of the campaign. We only had 130 downloads and it went to over 3000 downloads in two days”.

The native element of the campaign did extremely well with over 24,000 views.




Winning the lottery

When launching Goodness Grains, the aim for the family run business was to compete with the established free-from brands.

We spoke to Geraldine O’Shea about how the power of advertising proved the difference for Goodness Grains:

“Four years ago when we started our business, no one knew who Goodness Grains was”. Geraldine added: “Now, we are sitting comfortably alongside the big brands”.

She called the partnership between Goodness Grains and INM like “winning the advertising lottery”.

“It had a fantastic and positive affect on our business this year in 2016”.

The campaign brought the company new business as the company was brought to the attention of food service distributors and partners as well as customers by being featured in digital and print ads.

With so much to consider when trying to grow and run a company, advertising and promoting your business often gets neglected.

Should SMEs invest in advertising? “Go for it!” advises Geraldine. She called the partnership between Goodness Grains and INM a “perfect fit”.

The campaign greatly contributed to the continued growth of Goodness Grains in 2016 and she puts this down to the wide reach of print and digital advertising.


We wish Geraldine and the Goodness Grains team continued success. If you would like to “go for it” like Gearldine we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out our briefing form and one of our team will be in touch.

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