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Find your Audience with Artificial Intelligence

by Marian Slevin in Advertising, Audience, Sales

Advertising, Audience, Sales

The Future is Now: Using First-party Intent Data for Direct Response

Artificial intelligence is the latest big thing in tech; and now, it is utilised by marketers to reach the most relevant, engaged audience for their brand.


Independent News & Media (INM) has partnered with HeyStaks to bring marketers an innovative approach to optimise their campaigns.

HeyStaks is a data science company that has built an Artificial Intelligence Marketing engine to automatically identify the intent of a person in any online context. That includes time, location and even device.

During a six-week case study INM and HeyStaks worked together to demonstrate that marketers can improve their campaign performance using machine learning to identify audience intent, with strong results.


First-party “intent” data is gold dust for marketers: it contains valuable signals that indicate the likelihood of a person to be in the market for specific products or services.


This intent data is valued higher than other data types (see Figure 1) and it can be used to create highly engaged audiences to:

  • Drive higher performance for display advertisement
  • Increase views and engagement with native advertising
  • Provide an alternative to Google and Facebook as sources of high quality intent data
  • Improve key metrics around any desired action: click/convert/purchase

Figure 1: Global ad agencies were asked to value various data types and intent data was considered 2-4 times more valuable than other data types (Source: Smartpipe Solutions Survey)

Working with a travel company as the client, INM leveraged machine learning to find the right campaign audience and increase engagement by identifying readers with travelling intent.

This initial audience was monitored by the HeyStaks AI Marketing™ (AIM) solution to see how they interacted with the travel ads: machine learning was used to understand the characteristics of the readers most likely to engage.

The INM readership was split randomly into two evenly sized groups (A/B test). Each group was served the same campaign using respectively an INM Travel Audience Segment or the AIM engine via the in-house ad server, DoubleClick for Publishers Premium. Over the campaign period both audience creation approaches were optimised to see which achieved the highest engagement.


This A/B test has showed that the AIM engine created audience segments that were consistently:

  • more dynamic (33 times more new audience members than DoubleClick Audience per day)
  • larger (5 times as many members as DoubleClick Audience)
  • more relevant (390% improvement in click-through rate of DoubleClick Audience)

Harnessing the power of intent data

Using artificial intelligence to identify audiences with relevant intent ensures readers see only ads that speak to their specific intent and preferences, while delivering advertising performance that creates unique value in the market.

The real-time ability of HeyStaks AI Marketing™ allows the message to remain timely and relevant to the most engaged audience, around the clock.

Brands who advertise with INM advertisers can now use HeyStaks AI Marketing™ to better identify the intent of readers, dynamically reach more relevant and larger audiences and enjoy improved performance.




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