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Exciting times as "The Book of Evidence" is shortlisted for two prestigious awards

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It’s been an exciting time for the research arm of Independent News & Media (INM). We were truly delighted to discover that ‘The Book of Evidence”, a body of proof on the effectiveness of print advertising, has been shortlisted for two prestigious awards.

In a year where the Marketing Institute of Ireland received the ‘highest number of entries ever’ The Book of Evidence has made the shortlist for ‘Best Research Initiative’ in the All Ireland Marketing Awards 2017. The International News Media Association (INMA) Global Media Awards this year received over 655 entries from 196 media companies across 36 countries. The Book of Evidence has been shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Consumer Research’.

As thought leaders we continually endeavour to instil innovation, energise the market developing consumer insights and deliver the best audience segments. For our work to be recognised by the industry on both a National and Global level is genuinely a rewarding honour.

Background to “The Book of Evidence”

With the media landscape shifting at the whim of technology and consumer trends, it’s sometimes hard to find facts. In a world where headlines have an inclination to prophesise the demise of press, the effectiveness of print advertising has slowly become undermined with little or no counter arguments being offered. Millennial media buyers and planners are coming fresh to the world of media buying, exuberant and bursting with knowledge of the online landscape, visionaries who could probably teach some of us who’ve been in the industry a decade or more a digital thing or two. How can this online savvy group of buyers perceive the remarkable effect of print advertising without being exposed to proof? Real facts backed up by real data.

As market leaders Independent News & Media (INM) set forth to take a stand, we already had an abundance of passion for the printed product, a passion we knew our readers shared. We undertook to set the record straight and prove definitively that print advertising works.

With an objective to drive investment to the medium whilst creating a coinciding awareness of the tremendous effectiveness of print advertising, The Book of Evidence was born.

INM conducted two major research studies, the like of which had never before been attempted in Ireland. The first a 13,000 face to face consumer study which interviewed newspaper buyers at the point of purchase. The second, Ireland’s largest Econometrics study – Three years of data, 20 million data points across four industry sectors.

The findings of which proved without doubt that Print, of course, has and owns a rightful place on media schedules, Not only proving that it delivers Return on Investment (ROI) but that it out-performs other media channels.

The Book of Evidence however was more than a research project; from a very early stage we knew that the delivery of proof would be as critical as the research itself. It wasn’t enough to put research out in the market and hope that it would stick. An execution that would challenge the mind, change perceptions, immerse the industry in a movement that would allow them to prove to themselves the indispensable power of print was called for, and that is just what we did with an interactive experiential campaign entitled : An Exciting Journey Awaits.

The Tease

Everyone loves to have their name in the paper once in their lives, right? Word of Mouth is a formidable voice; we finally had the proof the industry needed however we didn’t just want to tell them we wanted media planners and buyers to prove it themselves. With our goal set INM executed a completely unbranded print campaign utilising the strength of our own titles – The Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, The Herald and Sunday World. Targeting 50 media clients, creative valiantly called out each client by name, inviting them to come on an exciting journey where they would have the chance to win tickets to Cannes Lions 2017.

The Reveal

INM reveal that it was in fact “one of our newspaper ads that brought you here” to the event registration site and that’s not surprising as “10% of all landing page visits are a direct result of print advertising”.

Mass Awareness

As attention mounted INM executed an above-the-line campaign showcasing a series of ‘moments’ where print sparks that powerful connection, the result, an industry specific action.


The Event

Two hundred media industry staff joined us at the Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery, Dublin, where the results of our studies came to life through op art. From the moment guests stepped in the door their cognitive process was challenged, reinforcing facts from the Book of Evidence through perception, attention, memory and problem solving. Editor of LIFE magazine (Sunday Independent) Brendan O’Connor gave a passionate address on the night about the importance of trusted journalism in this era of fake news. Interwoven in his address was the proof that print worked. Never before has one witnessed a room full of people shouting statistical facts that prove print advertising works back to the Master of Ceremonies on stage, the fervour was a akin to that of a Beyoncé concert.

Keith Barry, Illusionist extraordinaire delivered a mind bending interactive performance that challenged perceptions and subliminally addressed facts from ‘The Book of Evidence’. The finale of his performance saw two people in the room walk away with a trip to Cannes 2017.

The passion was there, we had challenged perceptions – every single person in the room on that night was there because of an unbranded newspaper advertisement – by attending the event they themselves had proved the power of print.

Check out their journey here:

Passion had been reignited and finally the industry had real tangible proof of print efficacy, our bold direct experiential campaign supported the investment clients were making in our market and helped drive sales in Q4 of 2016. In the month following, the ‘Book of Evidence – Exciting Journey’ event, print advertising expenditure delivered an increase for INM titles across three of four categories examined: Travel & Tourism, Retail and Motors.

Proof that print advertising holds a pivotal place on the media schedule echoed loud and clear.

Do you have the facts?

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