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Digital Advertising Landscape 2015

Aisling Nagle, Trade Marketing Manager at Independent News & Media, analyses the indicators for a good advertising landscape for 2015.

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Indicators for the advertising landscape for 2015 are positive; IAB Ireland has reported a strong performance of digital adspend in H1 2014, with a growth rate of 40% year on year to 130m. This is the best performance of digital adspend since the IAB PwC Online Adspend study began in 2009.

Mobile experienced dramatic growth in 2014 increasing by 132% in H1 2014 to 37m. The high growth is beginning to reflect adspend following the changes in consumer behaviour to an ‘always on’ culture. Mobile really gives brands an opportunity to extend the brand experience throughout the day as users have their mobile device with them as they move through the day. As we see Tablet sales outsell PC’s by 2 to 1 in Ireland*, we will see more brands focus on mobile in 2015.

Key drivers of digital adspend are on the go devices**

  • 85% of adults have access to an online device; this is a significant increase from 79% in August 2013
  • 64% have a Smartphone
  • Tablet ownership has almost doubled in the past 12 months from 25% to 41%
  • Half of 16-34 year olds watch live or catch-up TV on portable devices

Video on demand (VOD) reached €7m, a record growth of 75% yoy in H1 2014. This format is set to see further growth in 2015 as it is very popular with brand advertisers for awareness campaigns. I think we will see more direct response campaigns emerging in this space in 2015.

We are going to see a lot more activity in content marketing in 2015 with brands becoming more interested in telling their story to their target audience. Brands are beginning to see the value in developing digital content strategies focused on communicating with their users with appropriate content during the customer experience with the brand.
The inclusion of digital display spend in Nielsen AdDynamics is a huge step forward in the digital landscape. This enables brands to really study digital trends against other medium trends (TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor and Cinema). This is something that the industry has been missing for a number of years. In 2015 it will become a very meaningful source for brand advertisers as we get more data released and we can see trends emerging.

Another key driver in establishing digital measurement was the comScore beta launch of Mobile Metrix in Ireland. It reports on mobile browser and app audiences on Smartphones and tablets and it will help publishers demonstrate the size and value of their mobile audiences. It will be a very useful tool for media planners and buyers as it enables them to measure and evaluate advertising opportunities on mobile devices for the first time.

Architecturally the digital adverting industry is in good shape and is set for good growth in digital adspend for 2015.

* Source: INEX Irish Internet Industry Exchange March 2014
**Source: Eircom Household Sentiment Survey, Sept 2014

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