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Print Advertising

If you are looking for a simple way to reach new customers then look no further than a print ad in one of our national or regional papers. Newspapers are something people read in order to discover the outside world and your business is part of that. Readers spend an average of 70 minutes reading the Irish Indpendent and 101 minutes reading the Sunday Independent. During this time, our readers are actively seeking out new information from a publication that they trust and relate to. This provides the perfect platform for you to present your business offering.

A print ad might be more cost effective than you think! Every €1 spent on print advertising returns up to €39 for the retail industry. It is also 1.5 time more effective than radio advertising for the retail industry in delivering ROI.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Our dedicated SME team work with businesses like yours everyday and are on hand for a no obligation call to see how print can suit your business needs. Click here to get in touch.

Examples of Print Advertising

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Here are some of our popular print sizes: