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Online Advertising

Advertising your business on is easy with a little help from our dedicated advertising team. is the home of real stories that reflect Irish society across news, travel, business, life, entainment, sport and agriculture. We have 11.2M users on and an average of 3 minutes 55 seconds spent on each page showing that we are a go to destination online for much more than just a quick scroll.

We have a variety of digital advertising solutions to suit any business and budget including a design team who can design great display ads just for you so why not get in touch today to find out more.

Take a closer look at our digital advertising solutions:

Native Advertising

Native advertising is defined as paid-for content that is relevant to the consumer experience, it is integrated into the surrounding content and is not interruptive – as defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Ireland (IAB).

We offer a range of native advertising options including native articles, sponsored features and video. Our dedicated Native Editor will work with you and your brand to create content that aligns with your brand’s advertising campaign and goals.

Here are some examples of SME businesses who ran native campaigns:


Display Advertising:

Display or banner ads are the most common type of digital advertising. They can be targeted to your ideal customer based on their interests and geographical location or put front and centre of our homepage for all to see. The beauty of these ads is that they can reach a large number of people with measurable results for how many people visited your website or even clicked the ad to call your business.

The following are some of the most popular digital ad formats, its main features and our average click-through rates.


INM’s average click-through rate: 0,81%

INM’s average viewability rate: 75%


INM’s average click-through rate: 0,08%

INM’s average viewability rate: 54%

Half Page

INM’s average click-through rate: 0,26%

INM’s average viewability rate: 74%


INM’s average click-through rate: 0,07%INM’s average viewability rate: 62%


INM’s average click-through rate: 0,25%

INM’s average viewability rate: 66%

Mobile Banner

INM’s average click-through rate: 0,19%

INM’s average viewability rate: 80%

Mobile MPU

INM’s average click-through rate: 0,91%

INM’s average viewability rate: 90%