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Conditions of Acceptance

1.These terms and conditions, applicable to the insertion of an advertisement in the Irish Independent, The Herald or Sunday Independent may only be varied pursuant to a written agreement between the advertiser and Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Limited (“INIL”).

2. All content material of an advertisement shall be subject to the approval of INIL. INIL reserves the right at any time to decline, omit, suspend, discontinue or alter any advertisement without providing any reason for so doing and INIL will not be held responsible for any loss caused thereby.

3. The advertisement provided by the advertiser must be legal, decent, honest and truthful. The advertiser warrants that the advertisement does not violate any provision of law, whether statute or otherwise; any Code of Practice (including the Code of Advertising Standards for Ireland); copyright, moral rights or the rights of any third party. The advertiser further warrants that the advertisement is not defamatory.

4. INIL reserves the right to edit, reclassify or alter an advertisement so as to comply with production and editorial requirements. INIL will not be held responsible for loss or damage thereby occasioned to the advertiser, by readers and/or any other third party.

5. INIL, its servants or agents will not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the publication of the advertisement and occasioned to the advertiser or any other party howsoever arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error or omission or failure of an advertisement to appear on a particular date or at all, irrespective of anynegligence on the part of INIL.

6. INIL does not guarantee that an advertisement shall be published on an agreed date or at all.

7. INIL will suffer no liability in circumstances where publication is interrupted by industrial action, breakdown of machinery or any other reason beyond the control of INIL.

8. The submission of an advertisement for publication by an advertiser on behalf of a third party constitutes a warranty by the advertiser that all necessary authority and consent(s) have been obtained by the advertiser.

9. The copyright in an advertisement originating in INIL (or the copyright in any material contributed by INIL which forms part of the advertisement) shall vest in INIL.

10. The advertiser indemnifies INIL against any liability, claim or legal proceedings arising from publication of an advertisement in accordance with instructions supplied by the advertiser.

11. The advertiser undertakes to insure, where necessary, all material delivered to INIL to facilitate publication of the advertisement. INIL will not be held responsible for any loss or damage howsoever occasioned to the said material whilst in the possession of INIL. INIL reserves the right to dispose of such material if unclaimed within a reasonable time.

12. The advertiser accepts and agrees to comply with the technical requirements and deadlines set out in the current advertising ratecard and at

13. An advertisement which is published in the Irish Independent, The Herald or Sunday Independent may also be published on the newspaper’s websites – and/or at INIL discretion.

14. A 50% cancellation fee will be incurred on solus advertisements booked in the Irish Independent if cancelled with less than three days notice.

15. International edition rates available on request.