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From perfectly targeted programmatic display to award winning native campaigns, our digital advertising solutions are some of the most comprehensive in the market. Think of us as a one stop shop when it comes to delivering high quality campaigns with results you can trust.

Here are the digital advertising solutions available:


Targeting & Reporting


We make precision targeting for online campaigns into a science, giving you the ability to go as broad or as specific as you need.

Every section of our site is tagged to serve ads, allowing you to target per vertical and per format within that vertical. With article IDs we can serve ads to a specific story, or exclude them from irrelevant content. Our editorial CMS can generate the most popular and relevant keywords within articles and across topics, so we can target your campaign exactly as you want.

Because we can group users around specified criteria, we can target your campaign based on the previous behaviour of the people you want to reach. For example we could target a car enthusiast on our homepage based on their previous visits. We can tell that they spent most of their time reading about motoring; they searched for keywords such as “BMW”, ”Mercedes” and “Audi”; and they visited the motoring section six times in the previous fortnight.

Our capabilities are ever more sophisticated, to ensure your campaign hits the right target at the right time.


How do you know your campaign is working? We make it our business to give you the results in minute detail. To do this we use Google Ad Manager 360 (formerly known as DFP Premium), one of the industry’s most popular ad servers. Here’s how it works:

  1. First we give you top-line information on impressions, clicks and click-through rates across the campaign.
  2. We then break this down against each vertical, and the formats the campaign used. We show you how many unique users your campaign reached overall, and which platform they used – desktop, mobile or video.
  3. With post-click reporting you get to see what happened next – activity up to 28 days after the user clicked on the ad. How many conversions were made?
  4. We monitor each campaign daily to see how well it’s doing in each vertical and what the best-performing content is. Our dashboard lets us see the pace of delivery, allowing for adjustments when necessary, to enhance the performance of your campaign.
  5. As articles are generated all the time, we are constantly targeting your campaign on the go, to relevant and directly related news stories. This approach maximises your campaign so it always appears where it will work hardest for your brand.
  6. With geo-targeting we can be even more precise in our reporting, breaking results down to a particular city or postcode. Can we tell you how your campaign is doing in Dublin 7, or in Cork, or anywhere else? Yes we can.