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Belfast Telegraph

Published six days a week, Monday to Saturday, the Belfast Telegraph is Northern Ireland’s best read, multi award-winning daily newspaper. Renowned for its journalistic integrity, the brand’s agenda-setting news coverage breaks exclusive stories every day, as well as offering the inside track on political developments. It is also a must-read for its brilliant package of features and lifestyle content, which gives a real insight into the lives and loves of people here. Plus, its unrivalled sports news brings you all the action as its happens – and the very best post-match analysis. Add to that,  the newspaper has a great line-up of columnists for you to agree with…or argue with.  An iconic brand since its establishment in 1870, the Belfast Telegraph proudly sells across all of the community and is recognised for its balanced, responsible and authoritative reporting. For the ultimate insight into the people and places that make Northern Ireland so unique, it is the only newspaper to read.


  • 158,000 readers per week.
  • 15 million page impressions
  • 3.4 million unique users


Source: NITGI 2014