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Independent News & Media Launches INM Audiences Using Artificial Intelligence

by Marian Slevin in Audience, Press Releases

Audience, Press Releases

Advertisers Can Now Identify Readers’ Intentions


Dublin, 22nd June 2017: Independent News & Media (INM), the leading news and media group in Ireland, has today (22nd June) announced its latest offering to advertisers, INM Audiences. The media group has partnered with HeyStaks to bring marketers an innovative approach that optimises their campaigns in a way that dynamically reaches more relevant  and larger audiences and promotes improved performance.


HeyStaks is a data science company that has built an Artificial Intelligence Marketing engine to automatically identify the intent of a person in any online context. That includes time, location and even device. During a six-week case study INM and HeyStaks worked together to demonstrate that marketers can improve their campaign performance using machine learning to identify audience intent, with strong results.


Declan Fahy, Head of Digital Sales, INM said: “This first-party ‘intent’ data is gold dust for marketers: it contains valuable signals that indicate the likelihood of a person to be in the market for specific products or services.  Using artificial intelligence to identify audiences with relevant intent ensures readers see only ads that speak to their specific intent and preferences, while delivering advertising performance that creates unique value in the market.”


Those advertising with INM titles can access the real-time ability of Artificial Intelligence Marketing ensuring their message remains timely and relevant to the most engaged audience.


This intent data can be used to create highly engaged audiences to drive higher performance for display advertisement, increase views and engagement with native advertising, provide an alternative to Google and Facebook as sources of high quality intent data, and improve key metrics around any desired action: click/convert/purchase.


INM has the biggest and most-engaged audiences in Ireland with 2.4 million weekly readers across print and online titles. The new product will allow advertisers to reach their target audience and understand how they consume that content, be they working mum, millennial or baby boomer.


Having introduced a number of new advertising products to the market in 2016, INM has seen significant success in working with brands to deliver creative content, recently picking up Gold for Creative Execution by a Media Owner in the 2017 Media Awards. In May, INM also announced a partnership with ICAD.








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