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Herald Brand Campaign

The Herald, an Independent News & Media publication, has launched a new campaign ‘Every Side of Dublin’ to solidify its position as the number one newspaper for Dubliners.

by Jane Wilde in Press Releases

Press Releases

From sport to crime, showbiz and politics, The Herald provides unique and unrivalled insight into what’s happening in the capital city. The campaign was launched on the 15th June and will continue to run throughout this year.

To help promote the campaign, The Herald has launched an integrated campaign which encompasses eye-catching, out of home advertising, a radio campaign, engaging social media campaigns, in-paper promotion, branding at point of sale and on Herald street sales teams throughout the capital.

Every week, The Herald will engage with its Dublin readership through editorial approaches including;
Dublin Issues: dealing with big issues which are occupying the minds of Dubliners in a certain area. Stories will engage with locals and help bring their issues to the forefront.

Dublin Places: Everyone’s got a favourite place in Dublin. What are the city’s hidden gems? The places of historical interest not on the tourist trail or the little spots where you can quietly get away from it all and Dublin People: An area is special because of its people. The Herald aims to find these quintessential Dublin characters and tell their stories.

Geoff Lyons, Group Director of Marketing, Independent News & Media said:

“This is an exciting campaign for The Herald, it works to capture what’s special and unique about The Herald’s core ingredient, its readers. The campaign is fully integrated and well thought through as all elements of the marketing mix are focused on ‘every side of Dublin’. What really makes it work is that the work is perfectly in tune with what our newspaper does in its content delivery and importantly what we deliver for our advertisers, engaged committed loyal readers from every side of Dublin”.

To thank its loyal readers, The Herald is running a series of promotions with key partners across the city. These include restaurant discounts, retail offers, family days out, concert and sports ticket promotions and unique reader gifts.

Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde

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