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The Brand Refresh Project

Lia Bresnihan, Head of Marketing for Independent News & Media Digital explains the recent brand refresh for INM.

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In today’s hyper-transparent, global, cross-platform and social world, a brand is a very difficult thing to control. What people say about your business is a key factor when assessing your brand value.

David Ogilvy described a brand as being

“The intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised”

But it is also more than that, it is the stories being told by your staff, prospects and customers.
With this in mind we recognised the necessity to review our brand structure and build a strong umbrella brand (Independent News and Media (INM)) that would become our primary B2B brand.

Where We Were – Sample of Brands

Where We Are – Sample of Brands

Challenge 1 – Improve brand perception
Following extensive market research in 2014, we discovered we had a job to do to improve brand perception. Being known as a more traditional and perhaps conservative organisation meant newer, smaller organisations were becoming more top of mind for marketeers and media planners when looking for a unique bespoke solution. The INM brand wasn’t accurately reflecting the people, passion and creativity within the organisation.

Brand Solution
Showcase the people and the passion within INM.

In our brand campaign we felt it very important to bring the people to the forefront by using imagery of staff (in an informal and relaxed mood) as the leading visual for the campaign (thanks to Donal Moloney for his fantastic shots), getting staff to tell their stories, and showcasing the teams and processes in place that make every advertising campaign a success. Highlighting the passionate people within INM will bring a stronger personality to the brand, thus improving brand perception.

Challenge 2 – Demonstrate creativity
In order to reflect a more competitive advertising landscape, INM needs to work harder to get ad revenue and be more creative with the solutions we offer advertisers.

Brand Solution
Showcase the creativity within INM.

We relied on in-house talent, rather than outsourcing the brand re-fresh project. We felt it necessary to update the INM logo, giving it a fresh, more modern look, and we created a brand new guidelines document redefiing the voice and way in which we go to market. This work was all done in-house. We used our own staff to build the brand identity, design and build this website and we will focus our launch media plan on using innovative ad solutions across INM to demonstrate to advertisers some of the unique ways they can reach their target audience across INM print and online products. Our launch campaign also includes several media firsts across other channels (a big thanks to Nikki Fitzgerald and the team at iCAN).

Challenge 3 – Expanded advertising offering
Long gone are the days when the phone would ring off the hook with print advertising bookings. With circulation on a gradual, albeit slow decline, and globally digital revenues struggling to recoup the difference. INM has recognised the need to expand our offering to advertisers. Rather than selling digital and print separately, the first step was to restructure and retrain our Sales team, so all members can sell both print and digital advertising offering each client one fully skilled point of contact.

Brand Solution
Review the brand architecture. We abolished two brands; Independent Digital and Independent Connect and built Independent News & Media as the umbrella, and go-to market brand.

Through marketing communications we want to focus on showcasing our new way of working with Advertisers, we have made several new hires to ensure we can offer the best possible 360 degree campaign solution including events, social media, native content and an expanded range of advertising formats in print and online. Within our brand launch campaign we are focused on communicating this offering, highlighting the new collaborative processes that goes on internally within INM when a brief comes in, and putting our sales team out there as a partner that can help any brand achieve their goals.

INM is positioning itself as a personable, creative, and agile brand that collaborates with marketeers to create successful bespoke advertising campaigns.

INM is on a journey.

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