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An exciting journey

by Maria Flood in Advertising, Uncategorized

Advertising, Uncategorized

With our mobiles taking their place an extension of our very being, providing us with a constant flow of personalized entertainment it’s hard not to be seduced as an advertiser. The newness of digital has swept us off our feet, winning the hearts and budgets of Ireland’s brightest advertisers. This love affair is growing exponentially year on year; 33% growth year on year to be precise.

Let’s take a moment to cast our minds beyond the percentage growth in digital spends to the weekly ritual of many; grasping a paper by both hands in an attempt to block out all distractions and get lost in the words of some of Irelands most loved writers. It clear that with 83% of Irish Independent newspaper readers buying the paper as often as they always did, that the thumb stopping power and big bang impact that of a newspaper cannot be ignored.

Now how would prove message across to the elusive rising stars of the media industry?

The answer came from the editor in chief of Chinese history, Confucius. Don’t just tell them; get them to prove it to themselves. Our approach was simple. Using the power of our titles, we would create a highly targeted campaign that would step into the lives of our audience. With “The Book of Evidence” as our weapon of mass engagement we would sweep the rose tinted glasses from under their noses and take them on an exciting journey where they would prove to themselves that print is a powerful and integral part of the overall media mix.

We stepped into the lives of the digitally enamoured by running an unbranded print campaign across our INM titles. The print ads were personalised to industry professionals, inviting them to join us on ‘an exciting journey’. Like any holistic thinking marketer, we popped our website on there too, which gave them a countdown to the time that registrations would open for an exclusive event where they would be in with a chance of winning one of two tickets to Cannes Lions 2017. Unsurprisingly, the ads were read, talked about in person and on social and traffic to the website came in droves.

After a few days of industry wide speculation around the campaign, we used our website to reveal that “An INM press campaign brought you here, which is hardly surprising as 10% of all landing page visits are a direct result of print advertising”. With that our audience had just proved the influence of press advertising to themselves.


Eyes on the prize

With the point proved it was time to turn all eyes to the prize; two tickets to Cannes Lions 2017. Hundreds registered for the exclusive event. From the moment guests arrived, we challenged their perceptions and celebrated the power of print through a series of op art installations, food experiments and music by DJ Mo Kelly. Our very own Brendan O’Connor unveiled an alternative social network which brings the nation together in 101 minutes of pure unadulterated engagement every Sunday; the Sunday Independent and 70 minutes with The Irish Independent. Special guest Keith Barry gave a mind bending performance and announced the two winners selected to attend Cannes Lions 2017, Aisling Baker of Starcom and Brian Carolan of PHD.



If you still have any doubt about the Power of Print and its role in the mix, the full Book of Evidence Econometrics Study findings are available at

Check out the pictures from the night below:

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