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ABC Figures Show INM Titles Dominate the Irish Newspaper Market

by Marian Slevin in News, Press Releases, Uncategorized

News, Press Releases, Uncategorized

The latest ABC audit of newspaper sales in Ireland show that Independent News & Media titles have consolidated their dominance in the Irish newspaper market. The INM brands are the most popular, topping the quality daily, quality Sunday and tabloid Sunday newspaper markets.

  • Irish Independent, Sunday Independent and Sunday World all top market sectors
  • Over 1.1 million newspapers sold every week across INM titles

According to ABC figures from July – December 2016, the Sunday Independent continues to be Ireland’s highest selling newspaper with 63.8% of the quality Sunday market share (191,594 copies), over twice that of its nearest competitor, the Sunday Times (78,658).

The Irish Independent continues to lead the quality daily newspaper market, accounting for 50.2% of all sales (97,104 copies), compared to The Irish Times, at 66,251 copies and the Irish Examiner at 30,090 copies.

The Herald is Ireland’s largest all day paper selling 40,847 copies of its morning and evening edition. It holds 17.9% of the daily popular market.

In the popular Sunday market, the Sunday World also continues to be the highest selling newspaper with sales of 149,481 per week, equalling 44.7% of all papers sold in the popular market each Sunday.

The latest figures confirm that the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Sunday World and The Herald, Dublin’s favourite daily newspaper, achieve sales on average of 1,128,105 copies per week.

The combined Print and Digital edition sales of the Irish Independent amount to 99,045 and the Sunday Independent attains 193,496.


INM Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Rae, commented: “Our titles in the daily and Sunday sectors are the market share leaders. The Irish Independent now accounts for more than half of all quality daily newspapers sold, the Sunday Independent, 63.8% of the quality Sunday market, and Sunday World, 44.7% of the popular Sunday market.”


Remarking on the figures, Karen Preston, Group Advertising Director, INM said: “These ABC results show the strong position that INM titles offer our advertisers. With 1.1 million sales every week across our titles, we are able to connect brands to their key demographics and target audiences on an unparalleled basis through our audience-centric products. Our recent INM/Amarach Newspaper Buyers Survey shows that readers spend 70 minutes reading the Irish Independent and 101 minutes reading the Sunday Independent against an industry average of 66 minutes, demonstrating how highly engaged our readers are with their newspaper.”


Geoff Lyons, Marketing Director, INM concludes: “Independent News & Media continues to be the leading newspaper group on the island of Ireland thanks to the continuous evolution of our product offering, driven by a rich understanding of our reader and their needs. Over the past number of months, enhanced offerings across all titles including new design, competitions and products have engaged our readers. Saturdays Irish Independent has benefitted from enhancements across Weekend Magazine, Review and Sport. The Irish Independent has also seen the addition of ‘Tee to green’ every Thursday.  We’ve developed a number of new products across sport, business and property within the Sunday Independent.  The Herald has added the Dublin Icon’s Collection, and The Sunday World now includes a new glossy format, ‘Magazine +’.  These are just a number of product developments which have evolved from engaging with our readers, listening and understanding their needs.

Subscription sales have also increased, and last month, reached a record high of 12million unique users. Again, proving that INM understands its audiences and delivers on quality, engaging content across all of our offerings.”

Marian Slevin

Marian Slevin

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